Friday, 29 May 2020


We have been learning how to write instructional writing. For this task, we had to pick a thing to write instructions for and then we had to try and do/make it by following them. Then we had to make a video for an example on how to do/make it. We picked to make instructions for how to play a game of rugby. What I found hard while playing rugby was trying to get past the other team to get a try. Here are two videos of the example!

Video 1

Video 2

Friday, 15 May 2020

David Walliams

Have you ever heard of David Walliams, the writer of The Beast of Buckingham Palace, The Boy In The Dress, Awful Auntie and the very common The World's Worst Children series. For this task, we had to answer some questions about David Waliams like how old he is, what made him start writing and his interests. What I found hard while making this post was trying to get the right amount of information to answer the questions. Here is my post about David Walliams!

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

What's Out My Window

If you look out the window, do you see bustling streets full of cars? Or a fantastic view of beautiful mountains? For this task, we had to write a descriptive paragraph about what we see out our window. What I found hard while making this post was trying to find good things to describe. Here is my post about What's Out My Window!

What’s Out My Window

I can see two broken, brown bird nests up high in the leafless, plum tree
who had given in to Autumn. Tall, thin pine trees are all bunched up in the
distance. A noisy green tractor bumping its way along the uneven gravel
is like a dragon going to war. Cows of different sizes mooing in unison,
hungry for their next meal of cleanly cut silage. Growing impatient they stride
over to the rotten fence watching the huge tractor transport the food closer
and closer. Behind the restless cattle are enormous mountains that vary in
sizes and shapes all topped off with prickly shrub sprawled out evenly
across the muddy surface.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Harald Competition

Have you ever heard of Harald the Giraffe? I'm sure you have! For this task, we had to make an entry for this competition and then email it to Harald! What I found hard while making this post was trying to think about a creative thing to do. 
Here is my entry for the Harald Competition!

Speedy Mum

Whats your dream superpower? Strength? Flying? Telepathy? Well, my Mums dream super power is speed. For this task, since its getting closer to mothers day we had to think about what their super power would be or ask them what their dream super power is. It could be realistic like cooking or unrealistic like flying or flexibility. Then we had to write about why they wanted that super power. What I found hard while making this post was trying to get ideas for paragraphs. Here is my post about Speedy Mum!

Speedy Mum
If my Mum had a superpower it would have to be speed. Here are
three reasons why she picked to be fast.

Supermarket Lines
Have you ever got sick of standing in line waiting to buy your groceries?
Most people have and guess what? My Mum won’t have that problem!
Speeding to the front of the line to get her groceries… easy. Nobody will
see her and they’ll just feel a whoosh of air as she runs past. That’s just
one of the many privileges of being fast!

All Day Chores
Washing the dishes, making the beds and vacuuming are all time
consuming jobs. They seem as if they are everlasting. But one easy
fix is speed! My Mum could finish the dishes in 2.8 seconds and making
the beds will take no more than 0.3! All you hear when my Mum vacuums
will be the on and off switch. The house will be spick and span by the
time we have breakfast. Now how convenient would that be!

Farm work
Do you want to finish your day’s work and get home by morning tea?
You could do all your jobs on the farm and then get home for your cake
and coffee at 10.00 o’clock, if you had SPEED! My Mum wouldn’t need
a motorbike because she could just run to where she wants to go.
Feeding one hundred calves at 7.00 o‘clock in the morning and
wanting to be home by eight might seem impossible but my Mum
would be a pro at it. 

Just think? How cool would it be to be able to skip the lines at the
supermarket, finish chores by breakfast and get all your farm work
done by 10.00 o'clock! If my Mum had speed for a superpower she
would be unstoppable!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Nut Catching

What do you do to get moving? For this task, we had to try and make up a game that was inside or outside. I made a game called Nut Catching. What I found hard while making this game was trying to figure out what to throw into the air. Here is my post about a game called Nut Catching!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Small Things That Make You Smile

What things do you notice in life and what are you missing out on? For this task, we had to create a short story with requirements of: A good title, a beginning, middle and end and sentences describing what has been happening at your house during lockdown. What I found hard while making this post was trying to find the right sentences that disolved into each other. Here is my post about The Small Things That Make You Smile!

The Small Things That Make You Smile
Have you ever wondered what we haven’t noticed during our busy lives? On the 25 of March our lives changed. New Zealand was officially in lockdown. 

Stuck at home with my family for 4 weeks… not something that happens everyday, right? But spending more time with the pets has been wonderful. Watching a movie at night with a fluffy purring cat sitting on top of you seems like bliss to me and running through the swaying grass with your loyal furry friend towards the water trough is what living life to the fullest feels like.

Sitting around a table with my few companions, sharing laughter, smiles and good memories. This is what living in lockdown has been like for me. Making red velvet cupcakes that aren’t actually red to wearing pink hats twirling around the dance floor in front of a camera. Life couldn’t get much better than this! We always look out for each other whether its watching Mum complete an obstacle course (that includes climbing up a ladder,) to helping look for the tv remote. Or looking for more important things like my brother's bank card while Dad sulks because we make fun of him. There has also been an unusual visitor coming into our bubble on a daily basis lately. He flies in, chirps to us and then spends about 5-10 minutes trying to get out again! 

Looking out the window on a frosty Autumn morning I see five nests up in the plum tree and a big plump Kereru pecking at the few everlasting seeds. I have never noticed this scene before and now I wonder why people don’t recognize the small things in life that go by.

Staying at home is pretty fun if you have a loving family, cuddly pets and a ray of sunshine covering your deck.