Friday, 27 March 2020

Challenge 2.0

I guess that was not my last post, huh. For a fun challenge for our class you had to get three pieces of paper and a pencil then you had to blindfold yourself and draw a self portrait, something in your house and something of your choice. I drew a self portrait, computer and rabbit ( they were what I was TRYING to draw anyway!) After that we had to colour them in and put pictures of the drawings on to our blog. While drawing I found it hard to make lines join up. Here is my post about Challenge 2.0!

Persuasive Writing About England

This is probably going to be my last post because our schools holidays have been brought up to next week. For this task we had to pick a card and then write whats on it. My one was about this lady trying to persuade her friend that her going England to live there is good idea. While making this post I found it hard to find a good question to start the introduction with. Here is my post about England. Happy Blogging!

Going to England
Did you know that England has double decker red buses? I would love to
have a ride on one of them! So here are three reasons why me going to
England is a good idea.

Did you know that the UK education is amongst the best in the world?
It’s one of the best places to get education! It would be great to go to
university there!  I could learn lots of new things like English culture and
what they used to do in the olden days. There might even be subjects about
the bombing of World War 1 and 2!

Good Work
Did you know that the UK has longer paid holidays and has attracted
lots of migrants from other countries to work there? I could come and see
you more often and still get paid! I would also never get sick because if I
worked I would get FREE healthcare. My workmates would be very friendly
too. I would also love to learn how they make newspapers if I got a job as a
newspaper writer.

Did you know that there are more than 1,500 castles in England? Crazy aye!
How I would love to see them. England is also one of the most beautiful
countries in the whole world! Did you know that Robin Hood originated there!
They even have a bay named after him. It's a picturesque country with all
its multicoloured hills and glass blue lakes!

England sounds great. Right? So why would I now want to go. I could get
a great education, good work and the landscape is amazing!

Peoples Thoughts

For this task we had to write down what the other characters in your book thought or said about the main character. My main character is Kim. What I found hard while making this post was trying to get the right information from the book. My book is called The Ghost Horse of Meadow Green. Here is my post about Peoples Thoughts!

Thursday, 26 March 2020

5 Titles

For this task we had to make 5 different titles for a book and you had to say whether you liked the book's original title or not and if so why. What I found hard while making this post was finding good names for the book. Here is my post about 5 Titles!

Persuasive Writing About Teddy Bear

This is New Zealand's first of day of lock down and its going great! For this task I was told to pick a card and write whats on it. My card was about a kid who is trying to persuade her Mum to keep a teddy that's really old. While making this post I found it hard to think of ideas for paragraphs. Here is my post of Persuasive Writing About Teddy Bear. Happy Blogging!

Teddy Bear
We have had this teddy for generations! Do you just want to end that
resemblance to our ancestors? I hope not. So here are three reasons
why we must keep this teddy!

Do you know that this teddy could be a collectable in 20 years?
I bet no one else has a teddy from the 19th century! If we kept it for
20 more years we could get some money when we sell him. Maybe
$100- $200 for just one little teddy! We could be rich.

Reminder of Childhood
Your childhood is a crucial part of growing up so why not keep
this teddy to remember all those good times! Who knows, something
that you learnt then could be helpful now. One little teddy could make
you remember the highlight of your life!

Last Teddy Lasting
Why did you make me throw out all my teddies? Now I only have one
but you don’t think he’s special! The last one, the last teddy from our
ancestors and you just want to get rid of him. I’ve had him my whole life…
When I was born he sat beside me on my hospital bed, when I was a
toddler I used him for something to chew on, when I was five I brought
him to school on the first day to get me through it and now after all that
I still love him!

That teddy, the teddy that you want to throw out gives me courage,
hope and kindness. Why would you want to get rid of him if he could
be a collectable one day, is a reminder of our childhood and he’s the
last one left.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Persuasive Writing about 3 Million Dollars

This is my second persuasive writing post for this week. For this task we had to get another card and write about what is written on it. My one was about a lady who just won 3 Million Dollars in the lottery and she wants to tell everyone but I need to persuade her not to. While making this post I found it hard to think of ideas for paragraphs. Here is my post of Persuasive Writing about 3 Million Dollars!

Winning the Lottery
Do you know what people would do if they knew you 3 million dollars?
They would steal it and keep it for themselves. Do you really want that
to happen? Here are three reasons why telling everyone that you have
3 millions dollars is a bad idea!

Did you know that burglary is one of the most common crimes
in New Zealand? Now you don’t want to lose 3 million dollars,
do you? I really hope you have home insurance because if you
told everyone that you have got lots of money you could have
your house ransacked and windows broken! You’ve got to look
after that ticket with your life because this is your one chance to
be a millionaire!

People Change
If you have 3 million dollars, what will your friends think, what will
the world think. Your friends might be jealous of you or even worse
they might try to grease you up about giving them lots of money.
Some people just want money, lots and lots of money. That's why
you have to watch out for those people and especially don’t tell them
how much money you have.

News Reporters
You really have to keep away from these because if they find out
about the 3 million dollars, you are in for it. They change your
original story and twist it in ways you could never imagine, so you
could end up being the person who stole 3 million dollars! Personal
questions are the worst. Even though you try to walk away they crowd
around you and start firing questions at you.

Now think again...Is telling everyone that you have 3 million dollars
really a good idea, because there are criminals out there who like
stealing money, friends could change and news reporters could
end up getting you in jail!

ABC Jobs

Our teacher set us a challenge to finish today. I had to write A-Z down a google doc and then I had to write jobs that start with each letter. After that I picked three different jobs that I liked and then I had to research them and write down why I liked the job, how much do people get paid for doing this job and what qualifications do you need to get the job. For my jobs I picked a Vet, an Inventor and a Spy. What I found hard while making this post was getting the right research. Here is my post about ABC Jobs!

One to three year experienced vets get paid an average of $58,000 per year and vets with three to five years experience get paid an average of $76,000 per year. To become a vet must complete a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, have an annual practising certificate and they have to be registered with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand. I would love to have this job because I love helping/working with animals.

Spies make $62,556- $103,639 per year. If you want to become a spy you need to not get in trouble with law, make sure you're physically fit, go to university and have good education, be ready to travel, get a bachelor's degree from a university, get a driver's license and you need to be a citizen. It would be cool to be a spy because you would be able to save peoples lives and go on missions.

If you're an inventor you can’t really put a price on
what you discover or make because who knows
what could happen. You don't have to have a degree,
qualification or basically anything to become an inventor.
be an inventor because it would be great to discover
something new and help people with my inventions.