Friday, 14 February 2020

Dear Future Self

In writing we have been learning to write a letter to our future self. Our piece of writing had to include what activities and people are important in your life,what are your current likes and dislikes,who are your best friends,where do you see yourself in 5 years, what do you think you will be doing, our goals we created yesterday, something you are looking forward to this year and something you are nervous for this year. Hopefully I have included all of these bullet points to my writing but if not then please tell me what I have left out. Here is my letter to my Future Self!

Dear Sophie, 5/2/20
I really do feel like 2020 is going to be a good year
and I really want to do well academically. New class,
new teacher and no big brother! I am pretty excited.

I’ve decided to try out two different sports this year:
basketball and soccer. But I don’t know if my Mum will
allow me to play them along with netball and swimming.
I have been practising a lot of soccer at home so soccer
might be a possibility. I few of the year 6’s from
Room 5 have moved up so I have more friends now.
Tahlia, is still a good friend, while Zoe and Haylee
I have gotten better friends with and Leah’s
been nice this year too. Dad and I always joke
about Mum when we are driving to swimming and
it’s nice to have someone to talk to about anything.
Mum’s has also been very helpful with swimming
and netball too.

I would love to have a Pavlova for dessert tonight
but that might be asking for a bit much. I have
gone off strawberries a bit because I find them
sour instead of juicy these days and I have tried
bananas I find them yummy! It’s good that we
buy them now because the bananas are good
energy for my swimming. I quite like stylish
stationery now but hopefully I am not turning
into a girly girl! But I still love playing with the
dogs and going on the farm, especially when I get
to help feed the calves!

I have a few new best friends and am happy with
all of my friendships even though sometimes they
get a bit dramatic. One of my best friends would
have to be Zoe Oates, she is really nice and always
cheers me up when I am down! Haylee Rae is another
and she is really helpful and funny! Tahlia Fridd would
have to be one of my best friends because she is really
hilarious to watch and is very competitive.

In the future I would love to go to Saint Margaret's
high school where I would board in Christchurch. It
would be great because I could bike or walk to my
Nana’s house on the weekends and then in the holidays
I could go back to the farm at Nelson Creek. It would
be great to go to Jelly Park after school to practise my
swimming too.

The thing that I am really looking forward to this
year would have to be the soccer tournament because
I would love to get a place because I am always in the
not good team. I just hope my practise has paid off!
The cricket tournament sounds cool too even though I
don’t really know how to play I wanted to try something
new. The thing I am dreading this year would have to be
is just being a year 7! I don’t get picked for certain
things and because I am young and short I don’t get
picked for the west coast netball teams! It’s like I'm
being underestimated. 

My reading goal this year is to finish reading plus see readers. For my writing goal I want to be able to write short stories and not long ones. For my maths goal I want to be able to answer fractions questions fluently. For my personal goal I want to be able to get medals for my swimming. For my social goal I want to be able to break and make new friendships without any drama.

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